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While we strive to ensure that all the details presented in this web site are correct it is impossible for use to check on every qualification for every members.

If you suspect a member is making false claims regarding the qualifications they hold please use the links here to check with the appropriate governing body or issuing agency.

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BlueDome - Working in the Outdoors

AALA - Adventure Activity Licensing Authority
BMG- British Mountain Guides
AHOEC- Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres
AMI - Association of Mountaineering Instructors
APIOL- Accredited Practitioner of the Institute for Outdoor Learning
BAEML - British Association of European Mountain Leaders
BAHA - British Activity Holiday Association
BASI - British Association of Snowsport Instructors
BCA - British Caving Association
BCF - British Cycling Federation
BCU - British Canoe Union
BEL - Basic Expedition Leader
BHPA - British Hangliding and Paragliding Association
BHS - British Horse Society
BMC - British Mountaineering Council
BOF - The British Orienteering Federation
BPA - British Parachute Association
BSA - British Surfing Association
BSF - British Ski Federation
CANI - Canoe Association of Northern Ireland
CIC - Cave Instructor Certificate
CLA - Cave Leader Award
CRB - Criminal Records Bureau
DofE - Duke of Edinburgh's Award
GNAS - Grand National Archery Society
HSE - Health & Safety Executive
IOL - Institute for Outdoor Learning
IMTB - Irish Mountain Leader Training Board
ISAAA - Independent Schools Adventure Activity Association
MBL - Mountain Bike Leader
MCI - Mountaineering Council of Ireland
MCS - Mountaineering Council of Scotland
MIA - Mountain Instructor Award
MIC - Mountain Instructor Certificate
ML(S) Mountain Leader Award (Summer)
ML(W) Mountain Leader Award (Winter)
MLTE - Mountain Leaders Training England
MLTNI - Mountain Leaders Training Northern Ireland
MLTS - Mountain Leaders Training Scotland
MLTW - Mountain Leader Training Wales
MLTUK - Mountain Leaders Training UK
NAEE - National Association of Environmental Education
NAFSO - National Association of Field Studies Officers
NCA - National Caving Association
OEAP - Outdoor Education Advisers' Panel
OFSTED - Office for Standards in Education
RLSS - Royal Life Saving Society
ROSPA - Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
RYA - Royal Yachting Association
SAPOA - Scottish Advisory Panel for Outdoor Education
SCA - Scottish Canoe Association
SOA - Scottish Orienteering Association
SPA - Single Pitch Award
UIAA - Union of International Alpine Associations
WCA - Welsh Canoeing Association
WGL - Walking Group Leader Award

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